Top of The Stacks: October 2021

Here is a little glimpse of the best things I ate, wore, read, watched, and cooked this month. I also made sure to include my favorite chocolate based candy, because I think folks are sleeping on the goodness that is Reese’s Take 5 bars. Thank me later.

I found this article super interesting on the ways Black women are creating narratives around passing.

These are my favorite workout socks, and now they sponsor the show.

The best part of October is all the candy, my favorite chocolate candy are Reese’s Take 5 and if you don’t know you need to find out!

I was the guest host on Keep It! and it is a real life dream come true.

It finally got chilly in LA so I busted out my go to lasagna recipe I’ve been making/eating since 2005.

I wrote about these three books this month for my column.

Wait, Lularich is the scam documentary of my life. I’d never seen or hear of these atrocious leggings but I’m all in now.

And of course the brilliant Sam Sanders did an episode on the documentary. Must listen.

Past podcast guest, Rebecca Carroll, wrote this piece on the moving Passing and it’s very good.

I got to talk about why books are the best on Nichole Perkin’s podcast, This is Good For You!

I know it’s a little early, but I did get the boys these Black Santa pajamas for the holidays and they’re perfect.

It’s not secret I love Colin Kaepernick, and his new show Colin in Black and White on Netflix is worth watching.

Sweater weather is here and I am ready in this cute and comfy (not itchy at all) cardigan.

I may or may not have started watching Succession at the start of the third season, I did not go back. I am the chaos.

Michelle, The Bachelorette, is here and I love it!

This is my favorite tea brand, and I finally tried their Chai tea bags, and they are very good.



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