Episode Transcripts

Ep. 239 The Purpose of a System Is What It Does with Mariame Kaba

Ep. 240 Hold the Powers that Be Accountable with Jemele Hill

Ep. 241 Names on Top of Names on Top of Names with Jonathan Abrams

Ep. 242 Lurching from Disaster to Disaster with Steven W. Thrasher

Ep. 243 Prison by Any Other Name by Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law — The Stacks Book Club (Mariame Kaba)

Ep. 244 Relentlessly Positive with Greta Johnsen

Ep. 245 The Worst Moments of His Life with Robert Samuels and Toluse Olorunnipa

Ep. 246 The Best Books of 2022 with Andrew Limbong

Ep. 247 True Biz by Sara Nović — The Stacks Book Club (Greta Johnsen)

Ep. 248 For the Love of Celebrity Memoirs with Chelsea Devantez

Ep. 249 The Vibe is Really Gnarly with Aubrey Gordon

Ep. 250 A Litany of Abuses with Ali Winston and Darwin BondGraham

Ep. 251 The Meaning of Mariah Carey by Mariah Carey — The Stacks Book Club