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I constantly find myself getting asked by family, friends, and listeners, what book should I read? It is one of my favorite questions. I love giving book recommendations and learning about what other people like to read, but my own reading is limited to my tastes and the things I’ve been exposed to. So in order to diversify my recommendations, we’re taking it to podcast.

Starting now, you can email and we’ll reply on air with a book recommendation (or two) from both me, Traci, and my guest. Tell us what you like, what you don’t, what you’re hoping to read more or less of, and we’ll tell you what we think you should check out.

Make sure to include in your email:

  • Your name (and social media handle if you’re so inclined) and where you’re from.
  • What you’re looking for (think: genre, subject, author identity, publication year)
  • What are some books you’ve really enjoyed
  • What are some books that didn’t work for you

We will do the rest!

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You can also use to send over questions or topics you’d like us to discuss on the podcast. Questions about your To Be Read list, diversity in publishing, setting up your own book club, or anything else thats on your mind.

Send over your questions to, and lets get to reading.

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Join The Stacks Virtual Book Club


I get so much joy talking about books with the guests on the show each week, and I wanted to give all of you the opportunity to engage with each other around these same books.

So starting next week, we will be doing our very own The Stacks Book Club video chats. This way we can all connect around the most recent book club pick. We’re starting with Bad Blood by John Carreyrou. You can here my conversation with author Nancy Rommelmann about the book, here.

The way to join these conversations is by joining The Stacks Pack, a group of people who are committed to making this show a reality, and to engaging with each other around books and literature. You can go to our Patreon page contribute $3 or more and you’re in. It is that simple.

We are currently voting on what day of the week and time are best for these conversations. Once we have that nailed down, we’ll get to book clubbing.

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to
  2. Pledge $3 or more dollars a month
  3. Vote on which dates and times work best for you
  4. Read the book–if you haven’t yet
  5. Wait for your invite to the book club
  6. Log on and talk it out

Check out our upcoming book club books, and then get to reading, we have so much to talk about.

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison – November 21

To the Bridge by Nancy Rommelmann – November 7

How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt – October 24

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou – October 10

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