The Stacks 2022 Gift Guide for the Book Lovers in Your Life

So I’m sharing another gift guide for you this year. Last year we focused all on non-book gifts for the book lovers in your life, and we’ll mostly stay focused there, however this year we’re talking about the different types of readers you may know. I am including a few actual books *gasp* and some things that I have loved this year that maybe aren’t so much in the book world, but are just great gifts. If you want all of the book recs be sure to check our my shop over on, it has books I love, books my kids love, and even books I’m looking forward to reading.

  1. If you’re reading on the go, you need a Kindle, duh.
  2. Any traveler knows they need a good suitcase and as an Away loyalist since 2016, I couldn’t recommend anything better . Well actually, you might need this duffle that fits on the roller bag, while you’re at it.
  3. You can’t read on the go without a book mark, and this wooden Toni Morrison one is perfection.
  4. For all my audiobook people, you know a good set of headphones is key to not missing a moment of the story. These noise canceling ones are what I use for travel and editing the podcast.
  5. This collapsible water bottle is so practical.
  6. A stylish luggage tag is a must for anyone, especially those of you with a black suitcase.
  7. Between Two Kingdoms is the ultimate adventure story but with heart. It would make for a perfect gift for someone who is looking for an unputdowable story of living life to the fullest while they’re out on the road or stuck at home.
  8. You obviously need a bookish tote from your favorite bookish podcast.
  9. If the reader in your life likes to squeeze in pages anywhere and everywhere they might just need this Tushy bidet. You can use code STACKS10 for 10% off.

  1. Sloane Tea is my new tea obsession. My favorite flavor is Heavenly Cream, but they also offer a gorgeous variety set of teas.
  2. This coffee mug will be on every single gift guide I ever do. It keeps your drink warm while you read (or work, of whatever). What else could you possibly need?
  3. I’ve been a loyal Harney & Sons tea drinker since college, and they offer a tea of the month subscription which is a gift I wish someone would give me. They’re also home to one of my favorite rose black teas.
  4. I love this robe. It’s not too heavy but ultra soft. I love it so much I also have the pajama shorts and pants, because I love it. Did I mention that I love this robe?
  5. My favorite hotel chain, The Edition, has the best signature scent ever and now you can get it for your home with this candle.
  6. I’m a cozy in the bathtub kind of gal, and whenever I share my bathroom I get a million questions about this shower curtain.
  7. Cold brew coffee maker that doubles as an ice tea maker, yes please. Perfect for a house divided.
  8. What even is cozy without a blanket? These faux shearling ones are the snuggliest ever.
  9. If you’re spending lots of time curled up at home with a book, you need some gorgeous decor. I mean honestly, have you ever seen a cuter vase?
  1. You might not know them well, but you know they’re into books? Get them the gift of audiobooks from Libro.FM. You can get bundles of credits, and they can pick the titles that suit them.
  2. I’m a big fan of gifting something that disappears, like a treat, and this jam is the perfect tasty and decadent delicious gift.
  3. This cookbook is dedicated to all things snack board. It is a perfect host gift.
  4. You truly can not go wrong with this candle. The smell is divine. It is neuteral with a little aesthetic flair which means it matches any home or office decor. No brainer.
  5. A classy gift for a reader you might not know too well is always bookends, these ceramic ones have style but also go with everything.
  6. “Postcards from Penguin” are so good looking and if you love books you’ll love sending them to your loved ones.
  7. I have yet to suggest this book to a person and them not love it, Tiny Beautiful Things is the perfect gift for a work secret Santa or an in-law and everyone in between.
  8. This snack subscription box gives you your favorite brands international treats and beverages. Like fruit and nut Snickers bars or caramel flavor Corn Pops.
  9. The perfect gift, a personalized stamp, for a generous book lover who can’t keep track of all the books they loan out.
  1. I love these Rayo & Honey pendants. There are so many phrases to chose from and would make a perfect gift for a nursery or playroom.
  2. My kids love their reading chair. It’s also big enough that I can sit on it, too.
  3. Baby Hippo is a fan favorite in our house, and this series has a variety of animal finger puppet books for you to chose from. It is perfect for the tiniest readers you know.
  4. I love my Kibou diaper bag fanny pack so much. It’s great for trips to the park or on the plane, best part is, it fits my Kindle for easy access.
  5. I loved Look Book Ways for middle grade readers so much. The stories are perfect for any school age child and touching enough to resonate with adults, too. You could read them aloud as a family or let each family member read it on their own.
  6. A puzzle is a great family activity and a puzzle dedicated to book nerds is even better.
  7. I assume if you’re a family of readers you’re also a family of snackers and this cute popcorn popper is perfect for snack/reading time!
  8. I was gifted the Lovevery toy subscription for The Mini’s when they were brand new babies and I love the deliveries. The Toys are aesthetically pleasing and are Montessori based to teach them skills for their development. Plus each box comes with a book.
  9. I got this lion bookshelf for the Mini Stacks and every time I see it it brings a smile to my face.
  1. These sunglasses are very stylish and very much my jam. They are a bit of a splurge but totally worth it.
  2. This subtle lip gloss is my obsession and makes a perfect gift for an easy breezy reader out at a cafe getting their pages in.
  3. A cute non-tote to carry your book and whatever else you might need for the day, but mostly your book.
  4. This is the best planner out. It’s perfect for keeping up with a busy schedule.
  5. On the go means athleisure for me and these leggings go with every single book I’ve ever read.
  6. A good hand cream goes a long way, this rose flavored one is my go to.
  7. You know any reader who is going out in the world needs to rep their favorite bookish podcast, this cozy sweatshirt is just the thing.
  8. I have these studded sneakers and they elevate every outfit, from jeans to leggings to a midi skirt. Obsessed.
  9. I never leave home without my Fitbit to count my steps from my house to my favorite reading spot.
  10. If you’re reading on park bench you need SPF, Supergoop is my favorite for all things sun protection. Their products are light without a bunch of grease or scent. My bestie gifted it to me and now I’m paying it forward to you all.

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