Day 4 — Banned Books in The Stacks with Timya Wright and Azar Nafisi

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In light of the recent wave of book bannings taking place across The United of States, The Stacks is spending all week talking with people who are impacted by the bannings, ranging from students to educators, authors, and more, to help us think about what is at stake and what we can do.

We start today’s episode with Mississippi high school student Timya Wright. Timya shares how she feels about adults telling young people what books they can have access to and the kinds of books she wishes were taught in school. Then we’re joined by Azar Nafisi, the bestselling author of Reading Lolita in Tehran and the forthcoming Read Dangerously:The Subversive Power of Literature in Troubled Times. We talk about Azar’s about the need to nurture freedom. We also hear about authors Rebecca Carroll, R. Eric Thomas, and R. O. Kwon’s favorite banned books.


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Everything we talk about on today’s episode can be found below in the show notes. You can also find everything we talked about on Amazon.

Timya Wright

Azar Nafisi

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