The Stacks Book Club – January 2022

Today marks the start of a brand new year, and around these parts that means new reading goals, new book releases, new podcast episodes, and of course a whole new year of book club picks! We’re starting 2022 with a classic novel that has all the drama and excitement you could need to start the new year right.

Our January book club pick is Passing by Nella Larsen, the 1929 classic about two childhood friends, Clare and Irene, who after a period of estrangement are reunited. The only hitch is that while they’re both light skinned Black women, one has been passing as a white woman for her entire adult life. The book is full of dramatic tension, questions about race, class and sexuality, and examines the freedoms of being who you are versus being someone else.

We will be discussing Passing by Nella Larsen on Wednesday, January 26th. You can find out who our guest will be for that discussion by listening to the podcast on January 5th. If you’d like even more discussion around the book consider joining The Stacks Pack on Patreon and participating in The Stacks’ monthly virtual book club.

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