Gift Guide for the Book Lovers in Your Life

If you’re anything like my family you’ve got a book lover in your life and you’re too scared to actually buy them any books, because of course they’ve already read everything. I’m here to help you find the right book adjacent gifts for the book lovers in your life. If you’re stubborn and dead set on getting them an *actual* book, check out my favorite books of all time list, and the best books I’ve read this year, plus other curated lists of books I love. Or, you could get really presumptuous and preorder a book coming out in 2022 for them, here are a few 2022 releases I’m excited about.

  1. I love black, gold, and white, so this mug is an obvious, yes please.
  2. Do you need to gift a coffee subscription? Yes, you most certainly do. This is an easy gift for a person close to you or a coworker you barely know.
  3. If it’s a read on the go situation, you’ll need a way to transport your reading beverages, this bottle and mug combo is perfection.
  4. This Stagg electronic kettle is for all you coffee lovers, it allows temperature control and a variety of settings (oh and it’s good for tea lovers too).
  5. I love this Ember Temperature Controlled Mug because it keeps my tea warm while I read and doesn’t get between me and a good book.
  6. A gift Mr. Stacks got me that I loved was a very pretty Royal Albert Tea set, if you’ve got a tea lover in your life, this luxury only ups the reading experience.
  7. Gift a monthly tea subscription from Plum Deluxe, a family owned tea company.
  8. This is my favorite tea, it is a rose flavored black tea and it is perfect.
  9. A monogramed mug? Say no more.
  10. People ask my about my milk frother all the time, so here it is. Also worth noting, it was a holiday gift from my brother a few years back and I still love it!
  1. Are you even a book lover if you don’t have a favorite reading light? I love this light because it is rechargable, has multiple brightness settings, and is super easy to pack for trips.
  2. Mouth is the best snack delivery box, the food is gourmet, and they have so much variety. It is perfect for any book lover because they can graze on the goodies while they read, plus when you finish it, it’s gone, which means its not taking up precious bookshelf space.
  3. I swore I would never read on a Kindle but now I do and I like it a lot. It’s easy to travel with, and I use it to read at night so I don’t have to wake up Mr. Stacks if he’s asleep.
  4. Get this “book people” puzzle for the audiobook lover in your life, then they can do the puzzle while they listen to their new favorite book through Libro.FM.
  5. But did you know you could send ice cream in the mail? Jeni’s ice cream can be delivered and this holiday flavor way is legit.
  6. These noise canceling headphones are perfect for audiobooks, or just reading in peace. 
  7. This sweet treat salted caramel is perfect topping for any reader with a sweet tooth.
  8. Libro.FM is an online audiobook store that allows you to purchase audiobooks through your favorite indie bookstore. You can also give memberships to the readers in your life. They are a great company that cares deeply about supporting bookstores and local communities. 
  9. I do a lot of reading in the bath, and I love to throw these bath bombs in with me to set the mood. They smell great and they aren’t too oily.
  1. What kind of shameless self promoter would I be if I didn’t suggest some The Stacks gear? I mean we have very cute sweatshirts, hats, totes, and if the book lover in your life isn’t listening yet, tell them to check out the show!
  2. You’re not a real book lover if you don’t have a cozy cardigan. This one from Madewell is my most favorite these days, but honestly they have SOOOOO many you can’t go wrong.
  3. If all else fails, pick out some cute merch from your favorite bookworms, favorite indie bookstore.
  4. These slippers from Madewell are so cute and comfy. I love a leopard print, but they do come in other colors too.
  5. Not a book t-shirt that also supports a good cause! That’s exactly what this The 1619 Project tee does. 50% of all sales go to the African American Cultural Heritage Fund.
  6. Reading in bed wrapped up in a snuggly robe is certainly my happy place. This robe from Barefoot Dreams couldn’t be softer and more perfect for a slow morning in bed with a book.
  7. It’s not secret I love my Kibou minimalist diaper bag. It is very cute, functional, and it fits my Kindle. Plus, if you use the code THESTACKS at checkout you can get 10% off your order. Also, this one isn’t just for parents. I take it with me even when The Mini Stacks are nowhere to be found.
  8. Do good and look good in this tee shirt from The 1619 Project. Fifty percent of the sales price of this shirt goes to the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund.
  9. Simply Literary Co. has the best small batch bookish gear and it is full of personality.This book worm sweatshirt is the best bookish sweatshirt I’ve ever seen.
  10. These are my favorite socks for in the home and out in the world. They are warm, but not hot, they are thick, but fit nicely in sneakers, they are the best. (Use code: THESTACKS for 20% your first order)
  1. Since your favorite book lover needs a little green in their home this planter gift box is perfect.
  2. A candle that smells great and supports the National Park system is a perfect pair.
  3. How will you light all these candles? With the matches in this match cloche of course!
  4. If I’m reading I’m wrapping myself up in a cozy throw blanket, and these faux fur ones are my faves. 
  5. What better way to track reading than with this vibrant oversized planner?
  6. These West Elm coasters are perfect for any warm or cold reading beverage.
  7. This Noir Santal candle from AN Style is the best smell ever. I live for this candle. There are other great scents, but this one if my fave, and it gets me in the mood to relax and read.
  8. I love this cozy oversized chunky knit throw blanket. It is heavy enough for warmth, and moody enough for style.
  9. A gift Mr. Stacks got for me one year was a weekly flower delivery from a local florist, Whit Hazen (If you’re in LA I highly recommend Whit). It was the best five weeks of my life. I loved reading near my flowers and using them for my bookstagram photos. Here is a list of Black owned florists across the United States.

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