Top of The Stacks: August 2021

I’m trying something new. I know I share A LOT about my taste in books, but I’m more than just books. So, inspired by Grace Attwood from The Stripe, at the end of each month I’ll be sharing all the stuff I was into all month long. It’ll be a mix of the things I enjoyed throughout the month like articles, podcast episodes, recipes, clothes, TV shows, and whatever else I think is worthy. I’ll also include a little round up of The Stacks for the month, and the books I read. This is the plan for now, but it could change. So if you have thoughts of what you’d like to see more or less of let me know in the comments!

This incredible article about how one family has coped with the loss of their son/brother/partner after his death on September 11th.

This article freaked me the fuck out, Californians, please vote NO on the recall.

This essay on the California recall was also fascinating.

This is the only tea I need.

My mom got me this new kettle for my birthday, and it is a dream.

Ways you can help folks in Haiti.

If you’re worried about COVID and kids, I found this episode of The Daily helpful.

The Stacks is offering bonus episodes over on Patreon, check it out.

I got to talk about one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, Othello, on The Book That Blank Podcast.

Did someone say Cacio e Pepe Panzanella with Corn and Burrata?

Feeling rageful these days, you’re not alone, this op-ed about the potential political ramifications of anti-vaxxer puts to words lots of my questions and thoughts.

How many of the 100 best YA books have you read? It looks like I’ve got some YA reading to do.

I hosted a conversation with author Laura Dave on IG live for Anthropologie and Simon & Schuster, they let me wear this cute jumper and I’m not over it yet.

My go to day time summer dress is on sale (the dress in the picture on this post).

I love a mess, so I obviously have been all in with F Boy Island.

Did y’all know about these cookies and not tell me?

My favorite mom accessory is my Kibou fannypack, and I was featured on their blog. You can use code THESTACKS for 10% off.

Finally an actually interesting conversation around celebrity #showergate. And yes, I’ve added the book to my TBR.

This Jeopardy host scandal is juicy. You can hear from the journalist who broke the story, Claire McNear, here.

I’ve got lots of mixed feelings on Malcolm Gladwell, but this episode about laundry was great.

My August book pairing column on is live.

I’m slowly working my way through season two of Ted Lasso, and I’m so glad for a little joy.

In case you’re looking for things to do with all those summer peaches. Start here. End here. You’re welcome.


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