The Unputdownables: Memoir

Back in May of 2019 I had this idea to do a series of book lists featuring your favorite most unputdownable books. The first (and only) edition was of course on nonfiction and then I dropped the ball, but I’m bring backing The Unputdownables here and now.

To start, I’ll share two or three of my favorite and more readable memoirs. Then I’ll share all of yours. I didn’t add anything to the list, this is all sourced from YOU! If something is missing, and you want your picks to be included in future editions of The Unputdownables make sure you’re following The Stacks on Instagram, and participating when you see the question box appear.

Heavy by Kiese Laymon – This should come as a surprise to approximately zero people. I love this book with my whole heart. Laymon is constantly examining and revising what is means to be Black, Southern, curious, alive, and free through the pages of his memoir. Not only is Heavy rhythmic and well written it is also generous and vulnerable and rich. If you’ve never read this book, please make time for it. I can not speak highly enough of the book itself and the man who wrote it. Kiese Laymon has also appeared on The Stacks podcast and in conversation with me on The Stacks Instagram.

The Other Side by Lacy M. Johnson – A brutal and powerful story of Johnson’s kidnapping, rape, and attempted murder at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. This memoir will make your heart race, however the violence and trauma is handled with care. It is incredibly readable and thought provoking. Johnson is a professional writer and The Other Side reads as a piece of art and a indictment on the ways violence against women is an accepted part of America’s identity. You can also hear Lacy M. Johnson on The Stacks from 2019.

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah – An incredible story of Beah’s childhood as a solider in Sierra Leone. The book follows his journey, the atrocities he saw, and the ways he coped. Deeply moving and a reminder that you never know what other people carry with them.

Here are a list of books submitted by you of your most unputdownable memoirs. If the book came up multiple times I will note that by placing the number times it came up in parenthesis. If I have read the book, I will note that too, by putting the book in bold. The books are in alphabetical order by title. Ok. here is your list of totally bingeable memoirs as told to me by YOU.

Thats the list for The Unputdownables: Memoir. Make sure to share which books you would add to this list in the comments. Stay tuned for the next round of The Unputdownables, coming soon.

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  1. This is a great list! I really loved Born A Crime by Trevor Noah. It is a book that should be enjoyed in audiobook form because he reads it himself and switches between voices and languages in a way that seriously brings his amazing story to life.

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