Holiday Book Drive and Giveaway

This year to spread good (reading) cheer, we’re hosting a Book Drive with 15 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS. Our goal is to give every student at Rocketship Delta Prep, a low income school in Northern California, their very own book to take home as a gift for Winter Break!

WHAT: The Stacks Book Drive
WHEN: November 30-December 14th
HOW: Donate a book through this link and send a screenshot of your receipt via Instagram, Twitter, or Email. For every book you donate you’re entered to win for all 15 days of giveaways.
PRIZES: We will be giving away at least one prize every day from December 1-15, and once you donate, you’re entered to win!

To participate, no further questions asked, CLICK HERE!

Otherwise, here are some FAQs to give you more info on this book drive!

What is this book drive all about?

Rocketship Delta Prep is a public school in Antioch, CA*. The school serves children from TK (transitional Kindergarten) through 5th grade. The school is 95% Black and Brown students and 85% of them come from low income families. Up to 10% of the families are what the school calls “doubled up” meaning they share housing because of income.

I found out, that most of the books the students use in the classroom are stapled together copies of books, and that just bummed me out, so I thought we could help out!

The goal is to give 489 Books to the students of Rocketship Delta Prep so that every single student leaves campus for winter break with their own copy of a book!

*In the interest of full disclosure, I’m friends with a Kindergarten teacher at this school.

How do I participate?

I reached out to the school and asked all the teachers to put together a list of books that the students would be excited to receive. They sent a fantastic list of books by diverse authors covering a range of grade levels and experiences.

Click Here to see the full list and pick whichever book(s) you want to send.

All we need to do is buy these books so that every student gets to leave school on Decemeber 20th for Winter Break with their own copy of a book. Its a small gesture, that I think will go a long way to foster their love of reading, and to let the students know, we’re thinking of them!

So, what is the giveaway part of this whole thing?

I’ve enlisted the help of a whole slew of publishers, authors, podcasters and MORE to give us fun goodies and gifts as part of 15 Days of Giveaways! I will share the prizes everyday on The Stacks Instagram page and will draw winners daily! There are a ton of awesome prizes and so many opportunities for you to win, its basically a bookish advent calendar!

How do I make sure I’m entered to win?

You share a screenshot of your purchase receipt with me. You can share it in your Instagram stories (tag @thestackspod), DM on Instagram or Twitter, or send an email). Once you’ve sent that receipt, you’re added to the giveaway list and will be entered for every giveaway from that day forward.
(If your social media accounts are private please make sure to send a DM or email)

What are the dates of the book drive and giveaway?

It all starts Saturday November 30th, and the first prize will be announced on Sunday December 1st. The last day to donate is December 14th and we’ll announce the last gift on the 15th.

The last day of class is December 20th and want to make sure all the books arrive on campus for the last day of classes.

Wait, so how do I know what books to give?

You go to our Amazon Wishlist. Its very easy, buy a book (or 10) and it will ship to the address of the school automatically.

Where do I send the books?

The address for Rocketship Delta Prep is in the Amazon Wishlist. Just double check that you scroll down to put their address in case your settings automatically have items shipped to your home.

How many books are we donating?

Our goal is 489, thats one book for every student and a few extra for the school’s lending library! I think we can do it!

What if we hit our goal of 489 books?

Thats a great question, and don’t worry, I have a back up plan in case we want to go way above and beyond.

If I win a prize can I win again?

No, we want as many winners are possible, so once you win a prize, you’ll be removed from the list.

What if I don’t want to shop on Amazon?

I totally understand, however for this giveaway the best way to track the book donations and make sure that every student gets a book is to keep the list centralized.

What if I want to give a different book?

You are more than welcome to donate a book to the school to go into their lending library, however for this giveaway, only the books on the approved list from the teachers will count toward the giveaway.

What if I have more questions that you haven’t answered yet?

You can always email or slide into The Stacks’ DMs on any of our social media platforms.

Traci, is there anything else YOU want to say?

Yes! THANK YOU! I am always blown away by the generosity of The Stacks community to help those who don’t always have access to books. I want to say thank you in advance for making a book drive like this possible. Also, thanks for reading this far down, I know this is a long post.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Book Drive and Giveaway

  1. I heard your great episode on the What Should I read Next podcast where you talked about this campaign to raise books for your friend’s school. It immediately struck me for a few reasons—I was a former teacher and know very personally the amount you buy for your class out of your budget and the little in resources you often have and the importance of kids feeling that proud and awesome notion of owning their own book. Secondly- Last year I was pregnant with twins last year though my daughter Sophie passed away at 20 weeks. A group of my close friends honored her and loved on me by buying books in her honor for our library. I was so beyond moved by this gesture and knew that at Christmas and their birthday, I would buy a book in honor of Sophie. This Christmas it was my honor to buy one for your program.
    Just wanted to share with you and thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and being a part of this giveaway. What a beautiful legacy you have created for your daughter.

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